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Intel BMIDE 3.02 Drivers
I had been looking for a way to test the new Intel BMIDE 3.02 Drivers on the operating system that they were designed for, Windows 95 retail or OSR1 (Win95 versions 4.00.950 and 4.00.950a).   These drivers are not intended for Windows 95 or 98 operating systems that offer native support for UDMA.  I have heard of a couple of hacks that allow the drivers to be used on OSR2 and Win98, but I haven't tried them -- yet.

Since I do not have a copy of either of these two versions of Win95, I am unable to test this driver myself.  I was hoping that someone would submit some results in the format I have used in the other driver tests.  Lorenzo Colò offered to do just that.  The following results are from his system. It would appear that the new Intel drivers do a lot to reduce the CPU overhead.  Thanks Lorenzo.

Lorenzo's system:
AMD K6 200 (66x3)
QDI P55I430TX-MATX Titanium III (Intel 430TX, 512 KB cache)
48 MB EDO RAM 60 ns
Quantum Fireball ST 3.2GB (alone on primary IDE channel)
LG CRD-8240B 24X (master on secondary IDE channel)
Conner 420 MB (slave on secondary IDE channel)
Diamond Viper V330 PCI (bios 1.49), driver Diamond 0127
Modem Trust Communicator 33K6 ISP (Rockwell RCV336DPF/SP)
16bit/SB Pro comp. sound board

Windows 95 (950) with
Intel 82371xB INF Update (Revision 1.0) installed
ESDI_506.PDR update (4.00.1116)
KERNEL32.DLL update (4.00.951)
WinSock and TCP/IP stack update (2.0)
IE 4.01 installed (with shell update)

I share my PC with my brothers and with my father, so I cannot reinstall Win95 and all applications from scratch before testing.  I just checked & defragged my disk. I installed the Intel driver only to the primary controller (a little trick) because version 3.01 gave me a lot of problems when I installed it on both channels.

Chart 1 - Win 95 (950) Synthetic Benchmarks
Test MS ESDI_506 Driver Intel 3.02 BMIDE
WinBench 98 v 1.0 . .
Business Disk 98 1050 1050
High-End Disk 98 2720 2790
CPU Utilization 94.9% 12.8%
Avg Seek (ms) 12.8 12.8
Transfer - Beginning 9350 KB per sec 9330 KB per sec
Transfer - End 9050 KB per sec 9050 KB per sec
Win95 Build 950 950
. . .
Threadmark 2.0 3.31 MB per sec @ 
53.93% Utilization
3.42 MB per sec @ 
20.84% Utilization
. . .
HD Tach 2.52 . .
Transfer Rates
Max - Min - Avg
In KB per sec
9185 - 5336 - 7812 9322 - 5339 - 7860
Avg Seek -
Peak Transfer Rate
CPU utilization%
15.3 ms 
9.3 MB per sec 
15.3 ms 
26.2 MB per sec 

Real World Tests:
I used ACDSee to read an entire directory contents (more than 51 MB in 639 files) and display thumbnails.  I also measured the time needed to copy a big file (BIGFILE3.DAT from Winbench CD, more than 152 MB).

All measures are in seconds. Measures were taken manually with my stopwatch. Drive assignments C and E are two partitions on my Quantum, G is my Conner disk.

Chart 2 - Real World - File Read & Transfer
Test MS ESDI_506 Driver Intel 3.02 BMIDE
ACDSee  Read   55 seconds   52 seconds
From E: To C: Transfer 135 seconds 124 seconds
From E: To G: Transfer 151 seconds 133 seconds

Next - Uninstall Intel 3.01 BMIDE Drivers

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