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Intel 3.01 BMIDE drivers
The Intel BMIDE drivers are the default drivers included in many motherboard manufacturer's installation CDs for boards using Intel chipsets.  The easiest way to tell if you are using the intel drivers is that the primary and secondary HD Controllers listed under Win95's device manager are listed as "BM IDE" or "Bus Master IDE" as opposed to just "IDE - single (or dual) FIFO" as with the MS drivers.  Another quick check is that the hard disks are listed by their manufacturer rather than as "generic type XX" as with the Microsoft driver.  Still another way to check for the presence of the Intel drivers is the lack of a DMA check box in the settings tab of the "disk drives" properties in the device manager.  Depending of which motherboard manufacturer you acquire these drivers from, the driver's file name may change.  Some manufacturers, most notably Tyan, have improved the basic Intel driver before packaging it with their installation software.
The default Microsoft drivers show up in the Device Manager as "generic disk,"  Intel's show up as a brand name drive.

The original Intel driver I tested was designated 3.01 and was designed to be used with Win95 OSR2 and later versions (versions 950b and 950c).  The date of the piix.z file is 6-20-97.  This version should not be used with the original versions of Win95 or Win95A (versions 950 and 950a).  The newer Intel BMIDE 3.02 driver is a much better choice for these OS's.  

The Intel 3.01 driver seems to suffer from higher CPU utilization and poorer multi-tasking abilities, and in my opinion, is a less desirable choice than the native OSR2 driver.  And with that remark, I am somewhat dissapointed that Abit continues to package this driver with their motherboard installation CDs as recently as with the BH6 motherboard (Abit's CD Rev. BX-1.40 is the most recent version I have seen). 

Installation of the driver is straight forward and I have heard of very few problems with installation. Unfortunately, removing the drivers is often more difficult, with a trip through the registry or reinstallation of OSR2 often necessary to remove all changes made by the driver installation.  

Note:  The Intel BMIDE driver is found on the disk included with the Abit  based motherboards or from Intel as BMIDE_95.EXE.

The tests were performed on a clean installation of Win95 OSR2 as in all of my driver tests.  The system was rebooted after each file's installation and before each benchmark.  The HD was also defragged before each benchmark was run.

The test results for the default installation of OSR2 with DMA enabled is shown in Chart 1.

Chart 3 - AMD K6 250 MHz. (83 X 3) Intel BMIDE 3.01 (Abit  BMIDE_95)

Intel BMIDE  Driver
Intel BMIDE +
Disk Drives Generic type 46 
Check DMA box avail.
Quantum Fireball 
No DMA box avail.
Quantum Fireball 
No DMA box avail.
HD Controller PRI IDE single fifo PRI BM IDE PRI BM IDE
HD Controller SEC IDE single fifo SEC BM IDE SEC BM IDE
HD Controller Std IDE controller 82371AB PCI BM 
IDE controller
82371AB PCI BM 
IDE controller
?Other ? PCI bridge ? PCI bridge ? Removed
?Other ? PCI USB ? PCI USB ? Removed
System Devices DMA controller 
Check 64 KB & 4 GB
DMA controller 
Check 64 KB & 4 GB
DMA controller 
Check 64 KB & 4 GB
System Devices PCI Std Host Bridge 82439TX Pentium Processor to PCI Bridge 82439TX Pentium Processor to PCI Bridge
System Devices PCI Std ISA Bridge PCI Std ISA Bridge 82371AB PCI - ISA
USB . . PCI  USB universal 
host controller and 
Root Hub
. . . .
Intel BMIDE  Driver
Intel BMIDE +
WinBench 98 v 1.0 . . .
CPUmark 32 646 646 646
FPU  818 818 817
Business Disk 98 1240 1200 1180
High-End Disk 98 3490 3410 3400
CPU Utilization 8.34% 44.7% 45.3%
Avg Seek (ms) 14.5 14.5 14.3
Transfer - Beginning 11200 KB per sec 10900 KB per sec 10800 KB per sec
Transfer - End 9520 KB per sec 9070 KB per sec 9290 KB per sec
Win95 Build 1212 1212 1212
. . . .
Threadmark 2.0 5.77 MB per sec @ 27.84% Utilization 4.57 MB per sec @ 
34.38% Utilization
4.93 MB per sec @ 
33.41% Utilization
. . . .
HD Tach 2.00 . . .
Transfer Rates
Max - Min - Avg 
In KB per sec
11071 - 6544 - 9562  11068 - 6546 - 9561 11076 - 6551 - 9564
Avg Seek - 
Peak Transfer Rate
15.5 ms 
21.1 MB per sec
15.6 ms 
20.7 MB per sec
15.2 ms 
20.9 MB per sec

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