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Please link to http://www.benchtest.com/downloads/index.html rather than the individual files.
Gameport Temperature Programs
gp_Temp1_0.zip The first of the gp_temp (gameport temperature) programs.  This program will read 2 thermistors from the gameport.  For Win95, Win98, WinMe, and WinNT.  For more info, see gp_Temp
gp_Temp4.zip The second in the series.  This one reads 4 thermistors.  It also graphs and logs.  For Win95, Win98, WinMe, and WinNT.  For more info, see gp_Temp4


The third of the series.  This one is a plugin for Motherboard Monitor 5.  The first of the series that will run under Windows 2000.  For Win95, Win98, WinMe, WinNT, Win 2K, and WinXP.   For more info, see gp_Temp5.

NOTE: You'll need to use an older version of Motherboard Monitor 5 as Alex has changed the code and I haven't gotten around to updating my code to work with his.  This copy of MBM 5.09 works well.  Please don't ask Alex for support on this version.  Download Motherboard Monitor 5.09.

NEW  gp_Temp5.04 now works with the "new" shared memory of Motherboard Monitor Version and later.  If you are using MBM 5.09, upgrade to the latest MBM Version and install gp_Temp5.04.  The gp_Temp files will be overwritten, but your coefficients will remain in the registry and work with this new version.

gp_TempL1.0.1.exe A re-write of gp_Temp5 for my laptop.  Again written in Delphi, it will run under Win95, Win98, WinMe, WinNT, Win 2K, and WinXP.   No interface for Motherboard Monitor is in this version, but temperature logging has been added. For more info, see Compaq 1800T temperature monitoring.
Plots the coefficients needed to set up the above programs.
Software Cooler Programs
NOTE: You do not need to use these software coolers if you are running WinNT, Win2K, WinXP, or Vista. These operating systems call the HLT command on their own. Some AMD processors may benefit from other software to help with the HLT command.
Rain10.zip My favorite of the CPU cooler programs.  For more info, please see the Rain article.
Rain20.zip Same as Rain10, later version.
Waterfall123.zip This is  not seen much on the web.  The links I put up "go away" quickly.  Since I cannot contact the author of this program, I'll take the liberty of putting it up.  Works on up to Pentium Pro.
Waterfall Pro 2.99 For Win95, Win98, & WinME.  Allows throttling of the processor.  I'd appreciate any feedback on this program if you're running an older laptop with Win95 or Win98.  Please see the Waterfall Pro article.

NOTE: Waterfall Pro 2.99 used to be time-limited shareware with cost for registration if you continued to use it.  Since YiHong Software went belly-up, I have done my best (for 2 years) to contact the author of this program to get permission to release the serial numbers he gave me.  I'd done some BETA testing for Tim and had most of his email addys -- none work.  I cannot reach him to ask permission to give out the serials that he gave me for testing all of the Waterfall programs.

So... I've taken it upon myself to release this registration serial for Waterfall Pro 2.99. Tim, if you read this and don't like that I have done this, please contact me and I'll take it off of the web.

Read the "READ_ME_FIRST.txt" file for the serial number before installation.